The Cradle team is so glad to finally share its beloved project with the world! Hellpoint, this crazy dark and twisted action RPG that we wanted to create for YEARS! Is so close to finally becoming a reality. We hope you like what you see and really want to hear from you guys and gals, all your feedbacks and suggestions are gold to us. 

Our deepest thanks for visiting our website and checking out our game. We'll go back to working on the game now but you can chill in the forum and there's beer in the fridge.  


- Gropwel

True warriors.

Who is Mathieu Boudreau? If you saw someone with a magnificent huge black beard - and most likely a heavy metal black t-shirt - good chance you met him.

Mathieu - also known as "Gropwel" - is our creative/designer guy. He is in charge of making the game fun to play, and to bring one of his cats to the office for  the "Cat Friday".

He worked for Ubisoft, Activision, Frima and Bkom before co-starting Cradle Games. He worked on some Rainbow Six, Prince of Persia and Spiderman game.

Fun fact; his Steam account has way too many games.



Rock it like you mean it!

St-Roch is where it’s at. Plenty of great bars, LAN parties, amazing food, music, plus all our friends! We couldn’t locate the studio anywhere else. And it’s out of the basement, we rubbed our eyes and took in the space that became Cradle Games. At that point, we have our triple state machine, a little over 300 animations, 6 characters, splitscreen PvP and PvE, our power editor and a ton of development tools. It was a good year!

- Gropwel

The dark eternal charm of the basse-ville.

There is no way I can go on without giving a great big thanks to my milieu. Quebec City is the most amazing, surprising, greatest big village that exists. It’s cold as hell. I truly believe the long winters is why we play so much video games and that it is what gave birth to the touche québecoise. We make damn good games on this iceberg. Here’s to our friends at Ubisoft, Activision-Beenox, Frima, Bkom, Larian Quebec, Gearbox, Squeeze, Bishop, Parabole, Nine Dots, Chainsawesome and so many more, to you all I raise my horn. 

- Gropwel


Jean-Mich is the most badass character artist we know. He eats challenge for breakfast and likes to shoot guns. He's a renowned figure in the world of CG arts and if you played the recent Call of Duty or Spider-Man games, chances are you've played with his characters. During his decade long spanning carrer at Activision - Beenox he developped incredible skills in creative design and production of character that always look super original so he was a natural fit for Cradle. Now the beast is unleashed, and we are honored to witness the true creative power of Jean-Mich!

You can visit his Artstation page over here!

- Gropwel

Keep on rockin', you magnificent bastard!